Here is Why Google Ads will be your best way to get customers.

  • You target only people who want your service or product: 

Targeting when using Google search Ads is based on keywords people type so that people who will discover your service through Google Ads will have a high intent for it which leads to a high conversion rate. For example a dentist running Google Ads in London can target the keyword:” dentist in London” and show up for the search queries related to this keyword 

  • SEO vs GOOGLE Ads



The truth about Google Ads

Time changes...

Who could imagine a few years ago that a small store in the middle of nowhere can generate 100s of sales per day, a doctor doesn’t have to wait years to build a reputation, that if you deliver quality to your customers, digital marketing will handle the awareness. 

Today digital marketing spend went beyond all the other channels (TV, billboards, newspaper, radio…) for a reason. 

Why you need to start Google Ads ASAP! Do you really need Google Ads for your business ?