Study case: 1,000% ROI

The challenge

it’s an independent osteopath center located in Montreal. They’re on a mission to help all their patients optimize their health and relieve their pain from muscles and bones.Their digital presence simply didn’t represent their authority in the space.

Our expert team customized a local SEO and PPC  campaign geared to growing their online visibility in all the right ways. This included optimising their website, building high quality backlinks and running hyper-targeted campaigns.

After auditing the lead generation process ( Ads and website) we noticed : 

  • Website:  The landing page should be optimized for lead generation and should includes : the promise you are giving to your customer, explaining your service and its features, social proof (reviews) and a call to action or a lead generation form.

  • Local SEO:  NAP (name, adress and phone) should be the same for all the social media profiles, the social media pictures are not geotagged, the GMB should include maximum informations about your business , for both organic traffic and ads you may running on google Maps. When everything is optimized what makes the difference is the reviews on your account and your interaction with the reviews, it’s important to be answering the reviews, 80% of visitors read reviews before making a purchase.

  • Google Ads: The cost per conversion was high. The tracking code was not working for the campaigns, only one campaign was running including keywords with different intents, not enough adcopies for the ad to optimize, the geotargetting for only your area wasn’t included wish may result in many clicks for the same keywords from clients that are not able to move to the center.

Our approach:

We consider that to have an efficient approach we should be working on every aspects of the conversion funnel. Building a great ad campaigns can bring a bigger amount of qualified visitors for the service but the website plays an important role in converting those visitors into leads and customers. Our approach consisted on split testing the landing pages by creating multiple ones with different headlines and hooks and A/B testing on it with the objective of keeping only the most converting one. The Google Maps listing plays an important role in building trust with customers and also for running ads on Google Maps. 80% of potential customers read reviews before making a purchase. For the Google Ads campaign setup, we decided to work on two main objectives, generating direct phone calls and a lead generation campaign. 


1,000% ROI for the Google Ads  

Increase organic visitors 

Increase of the Google Ranking