Design/Redesign a bespoke WIX website.

#1 first agency dedicated to WIX websites.

#360 digital follow-up adapted to all companies' budgets. 

Optimized for conversions.

360 digital agency

A service that will assist you at every stage of your digital journey, from website launch to customer acquisition (design, dev, SEO, and online advertising)

Wix certified specialists

Our developers are WIX partners who specialize in the WIX platform and have extensive experience with editor X.

Adapted for all budgets

Our services are suitable for businesses of all sizes. We propose pricing that is affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Your website design is here to stay

Since 85 percent of customers judge your company's credibility based on its website design, having a website that represents the best of your brand's identity for as long as needed is vital to your company's success.

Design is part of a roadmap aimed at converting visitors into customers, but there are many other factors and details that make a real difference, especially since the competition online is increasing by the day. We are fortunate to have a team of experts in each stage of the process:

Specialists in UX/UI

WIX certified developers

SEO specialists

PPC advertisers


How it works?


  • After receiving all the details and specifications concerning your website.
  • We’ll send you a price quote.


  • We deliver the first drafts
  • making the necessary revisions adapted to the client’s needs.


  • Final website delivered
  • Free support and maintenance to the website after the final delivery. 


$ 299
  • 1 page design customization
  • Responsive design (for mobile)
  • content upload
  • Graphics images included
  • SEO + speed optimization

All in one

$ 979
  • Up to 5 pages design customization
  • Optimized SEO and website speed
  • Content upload
  • E-commerce functionality
  • Up to 25 products (e-commerce)
  • FREE 30 days support


$ 1,199
  • Up to 10 pages design customization
  • Optimized SEO and website speed for ALL pages and products
  • Content upload
  • E-commerce functionality with up to 50 products
  • FREE 45 days of support

Who we are?

Following years of perfecting our skills in web development, PPC, and SEO As freelancers, we decided to combine our digital passions in a 360-degree agency that would manage all of your WIX needs. VIRANOMIX is a results-driven agency that adheres to the following principles:

  • Integrity: All of our methods are white hat, and we are open and honest with our clients about their projects.
  • Innovation:We are continually searching for new and unique ways to better our clients’ companies.
  • Evolution: The digital world is always evolving, and staying current is the key to success in this sector.
  • Value: Value is what counts most in each assignment we do; we strive to provide as much value to our consumers as possible.


We process the payment after agreeing on the chosen plan, tasks, and project duration; we then send a quote to your company; and our team begins work immediately after payment is received. If you are dissatisfied with the work, you will receive a full refund.

When we send you the quote, we'll give you an estimate of the project delivery date, which will vary from one website to the next and can range from 24 hours to three weeks.

A project manager is assigned to each client; you can share all of your concerns and desired changes with us; we welcome all suggestions.

We'll ask you for any information our team requires for the project's progression so that we can ensure we have all of the specifications and client requirements before beginning the project.

We provide full support for one month after the mission is completed.

Contact us

💠We invite you to take a few moments to send us as much information as possible about your project's objectives.