Turn your website into a mobile App

We helped hundreds of customers to expand their business in Google play and the app store. Are you next? 


Works with all websites

Presence in both App store and Google Play will expose your mobile app to more traffic and provide you more visitors through app installs.

Automatic update of the App

Your app is linked to your website, whenever you make changes on your website the app follows.

Your App is ready in few days

No need to wait months of development. Few days are enough to have your app ready.

الوقت المناسب لتكبير حسابك

Being available on Google Play and the app store not only gives more exposure to your brand, but it brings quality users. Users who download apps tend to use them more than once, there is more chance to turn into loyal customers.

People use the App Stores to search for products that they are interested in and solutions to their problems, just like they use Google on the mobile web. When you turn a website into an app, you give yourself the opportunity to be in front of them at just the right time!

The key is to use good App Store optimization for the keywords associated with your brand so that you rank well for important search terms. There’s also the possibility to get featured on one of the App Stores, which can result in a rush of new users!

Boost Engagement with Push Notifications

Mobile apps allow you to send notifications to everyone who has the app installed, no matter their operating system.
When you convert a website into an app – you gain a valuable channel in push notifications. You can alert users to new content, promote special offers, and update them with specific information like shipping updates, friend requests, and announcements.


Get your App in days not months

Developing native apps through an agency or in-house team would typically take 6-12 months of hard work, and cost 50-100 thousand dollars.

That’s why building apps used to be a tough decision, a big commitment. Not anymore though. With Viraholic, you can launch apps just as good as those from a major brand in just a few days, for a fraction of the cost.

Why us?

✅ No monthly fees.

✅ Source code included so that you can keep a backup and a version you can control of your app. 

✅ You’re only a call away from our support team that is engaged to provide necessary monitoring.

✅ We handle 100% of the work related to your mobile App. 

✅Best Quality/price ratio in the market.

✅ No hidden fee. 

✅ 100% white label App for your business, no ads or watermarks related to our company.



$ 59
  • 1 Operating system (Android or IOS)
  • Automatic update with the website
  • Splash screen (introduction screen)
  • App icon
  • Push notifications

All in one

$ 179
  • Standard plan features
  • Apps submission (Playstore & App store)
  • Source code
  • Ongoing revisions and support


$ 99
  • 2 Operating system (Android & IOS)
  • Automatic update with the website
  • Splash screen (introduction screen)
  • App icon
  • Push notifications

Example Apps








Your app will work as a full-screen browser. All the changes you have done on your website will be applied to your iOS & Android app immediately. Users will navigate your web app exactly as your web app on Safari for iOS/Chrome for Android.

Your app is in general ready in between 1 to 7 business days, don't hesitate to send us an email to ask for the work prograssion.

The process is 3 steps:

  • You order the plan you want.
  • We work on your app creation
  • We send you everything through email.

We ask you to verify if it's included in the package you're ordering, if it's the case the ad integration will be included.

Yes, we provide a full support until your App is perfectly set up on the App store and Google Play.

Yes, it does work for all websites with any CMS : WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Drupal...

We propose this service as well. First of all, you need to have an account on Google play console in order to submit your app on the Google play store. All the steps are explained here : https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/9859152?hl=en